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Window Shutters Types And Advantages

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Window shutters are excellent installations of choice when you want beauty and functionality. They come in different styles and offer numerous advantages. So let us look at the two aspects to help convince you to invest in window shutters. Before going into the article if you do not like shutters but prefer blinds then I recommend seeing automated blinds.

The Different Styles Available

• California shutters: They often are made of wood and have thinner louvres.

• Plantation shutters: They also are mostly made of wood like the California shutters but with wider slats often painted white. You can get these shutters in plastic too. Their style is borrowed from the shutters used in Southern state plantations.

• Vinyl shutters: They have vinyl slats and are produced in bulk; hence, they are an affordable option, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. Vinyl shutters come in different textures and colours to meet different tastes and preferences.

• Composite wood shutters: They also are known as faux wood shutters. They have slats made from artificial wood, which can be designed to mimic natural timber but lack the durability synonymous with wooden shutters.

• Cafe shutters: They are slatted and uniquely designed to cover the lower window sections for privacy, and the open upper area makes room for natural lighting and air.

• Exterior shutters: They are installed from the outside and are preferred for their high privacy and protection levels. Exterior shutters can be made from metal (mostly aluminium) or wood.

Advantages Of Window Shutters

1). Protection

Protection is a chief reason homeowners go for shutters. The installations increase privacy levels while protecting your windows and indoors.

For instance, you can angle louvres to manage the natural lighting passing through the windows. Hence, you can protect your furniture and other indoor items from direct sunlight exposure. Wrapping the slats with a UV protection layer enhances their durability.

Most shutters are designed to withstand harsh weather, and the metal options are not easily dented by flying debris.

You can install window shutters as a security measure because they serve as barriers that discourage burglars from breaking into your home. And the privacy they offer ensures people cannot see inside your house.

2). Insulation

Wood is a natural material that provides excellent thermal and sound insulation. It is also energy efficient; hence, it is a common choice for many window shutters. The material will block sunlight when the slats are closed while allowing air flow if you keep the windows open.

You can achieve the same using blackout curtains, but the shutters offer more versatility and are durable. You can install them in your kitchen or bathroom windows where curtains are not an ideal fit since the room temperatures are moderated naturally, lowering your heating and cooling costs.

3). Privacy

Privacy is the other top reason for homeowners to consider installing window shutters. When these installations are closed, they cover the windows, restricting viewing. And you can adjust the slats, angling them to allow airflow and manage the natural lighting without compromising privacy.

Tilting the louvers downwards makes room for better air circulation and lighting. It will be hard to peer through the slats when angled, but the privacy levels differ depending on the material used and slat width.

4). Curb Appeal

California shutters and their plantation counterparts exude a timeless old-world charm, making them an excellent choice if you are going for a vintage look. Modern shutters have a sleek presentation that fits today’s home’s aesthetics. In short, you will find shutters that meet contemporary or rustic preferences ensuring they increase your home’s curb appeal.

5). Customizable

Custom-made shutters are by far the wisest move if you want to change how your windows look. Work with an experienced professional who can make bespoke shutters. They will take measurements, note your design ideas, and create shutters that meet your needs and expectations. Custom shutters are an excellent option if you have windows with irregular or unconventional dimensions.

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