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Types of Security Fences

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A security fence protects your property, especially from thugs and uninvited guests. Most criminals, especially smash-and-grab thieves, target unsecured/unfenced properties, as they are easier to access. Whether looking to secure your home, business premises, farm, etc., it would be best to pick the best fence for that specific application.

If you are in need of security fencing and are in Scotland see ‘security fencing in Scotland’. Some of the best fences are virtually impossible to break through or climb over, offering unrivaled performance and privacy. Outlined below are a few types of fencing and what you need to know.

The Advantages of Security Fences

1. Peace of Mind

A good fence can help keep your family safe from malicious people, including animals. Proper fencing is also crucial for business premises, as it keeps your employees and resources safe. Installing the right fence will thus leave you with some peace of mind, knowing everything is protected.

2. Tough But Aesthetically Appealing

A security fence will help secure your family/business properties and boost their aesthetic appeal. Some fences are naturally appealing and good to look at, adding value to your property in the long run. You only need to identify the right fencing option to enjoy both of these benefits.

With a wide variety to choose from, it is easy for one to be confused by the options available. A simple chat with the providers can however help you make a more informed decision on the investment. Better yet, the fence can have the design and theme of your liking. Some fences can be painted to match whatever theme you look to achieve.

3. It’s A Worthy Investment

A fence is one of the best investments for any business or home. Most companies can afford the most basic but durable fences for their business. You might however want to find and talk to the right company, someone you can trust, to find the best fencing solution for your property.

With dozens of providers out there, it would be best to sift through them all and shortlist the best candidates for the job. With the fence keeping your valued company/home safe, it is one of the best investment decisions you can make.

Types of Security Fences

1. Bow Top Railings

This type of fence has a distinctive curved top design and is a preferred option for perimeter fencing. Bow top fences are considerably hard to climb, regardless of how low they can be compared to other types. These thus make the right fencing solution for those in Derby, Birmingham, and similar areas.

2. Steel Palisade Fencing

Made from hot and cold rolled steel, steel palisade fencing is almost impossible for intruders to climb over. It comes in either ‘W’ or ‘D’ designs, mostly meant to make climbing almost impossible. The ‘W’ design is considerably more secure and expensive than the two.

In addition to the design, Steel Palisade fencing is incredibly high. Some home/business owners add steel spikes at the very top to make it even more dangerous for anyone to climb over. As the name suggests, this type of fencing is vandal-resistant and can withstand most weather elements. It is also known to be highly durable, more durable than other types of fencing on the market. They are also a low-maintenance option, an added advantage for many homes and business owners.

3. Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire mesh fencing is quite popular in Derby. The fence is designed and installed to make climbing over almost impossible specifically. Wire mesh fencing is vandal-resistant too. For this reason, it is a preferred option for sports stadiums, industrial sites, schools, and airports.

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