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3 Shopify Apps To Maximise Your Homeware Store

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Shopify is a fantastic CMS (content management system) that provides great opportunities for people without much website experience to run their own ecommerce website. Part of this is with the help of Shopify apps, which can do all kinds of things to help your website run how you want it to. Today we’re focusing specifically on homeware stores and using examples around this, although these apps are great choices for all kinds of different stores! So, let’s get into it and help you maximise your homeware store on Shopify.

Picky Story

If you sell a wide range of different products that could be sold as bundles, then Picky Story is a great choice. It helps you to automate the process of selling bundles and upselling, which famously works well for home stores. Perhaps currently you sell duvet covers, pillowcases and bed sheets separately. You could create a bundle to allow people to shop your duvet cover sets really easily, encouraging people to spend more and therefore increasing average order value.

You could also go for more unique ideas, like selling a Pamper Night bundle, with a nice fluffy towel, candles and bathroom accessories. This could work well as a gifting option too. The specifics of how you use Picky Story will depend on your website, but it can work so well for many different functions.

Yoast SEO

Next up we have Yoast SEO, which can help you to improve your visibility on search engines by simplifying the complex marketing channel which is SEO. There is a lot more to SEO than a single app on Shopify, yet when you’re getting started and don’t have any budget to work with an SEO agency, then it’s a fantastic thing to utilise. It will show you what you are missing on the page from an SEO perspective and provide prompts about how to improve it. Things like mentioning more relevant keywords throughout the page, writing meta data that is a good length and also generally helping to improve content. Easy to download and with a free version, Yoast SEO should definitely be up there on your list of Shopify SEO apps to download.


For any ecommerce business imagery is key, however this is even more so the case for homeware businesses. Great quality photos can really encourage people to commit to the purchase, so you want to make sure you’re keeping the quality good. The issue is that good quality images that haven’t been compressed can really slow down a website, but with Smush, you can compress the images across the website without compromising on the quality. You can keep your products looking wonderful, from your fitted bed sheets to your luxury cushions, whilst also having a quick website. A fast website is vital in SEO, as Google won’t want to show websites high in the rankings that will provide a slow experience for their users. So, a fast website will help with SEO, which can be achieved partially through Smush!

Final Thoughts

Shopify apps are great to utilise when you’re starting your ecommerce business, as well as later down the line as well! There are plenty more that would be great choices, but these are brilliant to get you started.

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