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What is Shopify? Information for beginner

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What is Shopify? It is a platform that is known around the world for its dynamic development and the great opportunities it offers to small and large entrepreneurs. This platform allows you to create an online store from scratch and adapt it as much as possible to the needs of your brand and business. This amazing Shopify app store provides many tools, options, and functionalities that anyone who wants to own online store will appreciate.

  • What is Shopify Liquid? Sell online with your personalised Shopify store!
  • Benefits of using Shopify Liquid in your online store

What is Shopify Liquid? Sell online with your personalised Shopify store!

What is Shopify Liquid? This is one of the basic elements of the entire platform, i.e. the software language that allows you to customise Shopify online stores. First of all, you should choose a template for your website, which determines the appearance, purpose, and layout of the entire online store. You can choose from about 100 templates that you can freely configure. The most configuration options are available by customising files and direct management via the administration panel, which is Shopify dashboard.

Editing the template code is possible thanks to Shopify Liquid. It is written in the Ruby programming language. If you are interested in online sales and standing out in the market, code changes are inevitable. The most important thing is to familiarise yourself with the documentation and how the code works before making the first changes.

However, if you don’t know how to customise Shopify online store and need professional support, you can find it at: https://brandactive.co/shopify-support-how-to-get-assistance/.

Benefits of using Shopify Liquid in your online store

Using Shopify Liquid can be difficult at first, but as you learn the language, you can better tailor your store to your own vision. Shopify merchants on this ecommerce platform makes it easy to manage every aspect of your store and its technical background. You will set up Shopify payments (cooperation with a third party payment provider), Shopify shipping, and decide on the synchronisation of the store with multiple sales channels.

You will learn about all the possibilities on this page: https://brandactive.co/shopify-liquid-beginner-information/.

You can handle operating, optimising and configuring your Shopify store yourself. You can also use technical support (telephone, e-mail, social media, chat). It is also worth considering the support of a professional store manager who will advise and help solve current problems. Find more information about Shopify plans onĀ Brand Active.

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