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Three ways to use artificial intelligence as a company

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As a company, you always want to be the first to know about relevant trends. For now, the most prolific trend is artificial intelligence. No longer are we human the only projections able to think about processes, it’s now possible to teach an artificial intelligence to do this as well. This can be used in more ways than you might think. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to three possibilities of artificial intelligence. Implement it immediately!

1. Chatbots

Whether you like it or not, people will always have questions about your product and/or service. Answering these questions is necessary for a positive customer experience, but it can be incredibly time consuming, especially if your customer takes some time to understand what you’re trying to say. Luckily, with the possibility of artificial intelligence, you don’t have to answer these questions yourself any longer. Your chatbot knows about every process in your company, but also knows exactly where to find certain information on your website. It can be necessary to still have someone available to answer questions if the AI doesn’t succeed, but this won’t happen often.

2. E-mail

E-mail is still the greatest way of making direct contact with your customers. Using this platform, you reach out to customers about new deals, but also about repetitive orders or unfinished orders. This takes up quite a bit of your time, unless you use artificial intelligence. Especially for the last two, AI can be very handy, as this keeps track of repetitive orders and knows when someone hasn’t finished their order automatically. All you need to do is make a format, which is automatically filled in by the AI.

3. Threat Intelligence

Because everything happens online nowadays, cyber attacks are more of a hot topic than they ever were. As you want to secure yourself from becoming the victim of one of these attacks, investing in threat intelligence solutions is a very smart choice. These solutions use artificial intelligence to scan the internet and the dark web, looking for possible cyber attacks. Is this the case, then the AI automatically reports this to you, so you can defend yourself against this. It’s even possible to teach the AI how to do this defending for you, after which you receive a monthly report of what the AI has done for you.

Don’t be lazy, be smart

Invest in artificial intelligence and make sure you can spend your time wisely!

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