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The Importance of Voice-over Services for Translating Videos

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Video dubbing, voice-over, and subtitles are always used to spread ideas in videos and feature films. Which ones to market to countries other than where they were originally manufactured. Live video streaming is a current trend, which is likely to develop further in the years to come.

The growth of Voice over Voquent has moved forward at a rapid pace as demand continues to emerge. Constant requests to translate the content into the target language and in particular for use on the internet. It is estimated that 80 percent of the content published on the internet is an online video that has been localized.

The Importance of Subtitling

Subtitles are often an option for those with minimal foreign language listening skills. Now it is also becoming more and more common in every online video. Not only in foreign language videos but also in addition to local languages ​​to give viewers more options to absorb the videos in written reading form.

These localized videos with subtitles are not only popular with those with minimal foreign language listening skills. But it’s also perfect for social media addicts who want to stay connected while on the train, bus, or even at work.

Nowadays it is very popular to read subtitles or subtitles with the volume muted, so the platform automatically provides them. Adding subtitles is a great choice of video localization to make the overall online experience of your viewers more satisfying.

Dubbing and subtitles are on the rise

As the number of online videos grows, so does the importance of subtitles and dubbing. Southeast Asian and particularly Indian languages ​​are likely to grow as part of global localization, given their large populations.

Overall, multimedia localization will see strong growth as more content goes online and wants to reach more corners of the world and more languages.

Multimedia is the preferred platform so that localization will move to play its role in facilitating the communication of ideas, business, as well as various educational to political communications around the world.

What are the skills needed to become a good voice-over talent?

A good voice-over can bring the narrative script to life. He is also able to adjust the tempo of his speech without reducing appreciation for the specified duration. Of course, the pronunciation must be clear so that it is easily captured by the audience and/or listeners. The skill of being a voice-over talent cannot be obtained just like that.

Even though there is a person who is very talented at reading scripts, he will not develop well without adequate training. Practice is needed to hone the technique of speaking, acting (even if only in the form of voice), and conveying messages. Therefore, for an important production, we need to use the services of a qualified voice-over talent like Voquent.

At Voquent, you’ll meet a team of professionals ready to help you produce the voice-over you need. Voquent provides talent in multiple languages ​​who have a good understanding of the culture so you don’t have to worry about the pronunciation and expressions produced in your voice-over product. Don’t hesitate to contact Voquent to get more information about the voice-over services provided.

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