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Nowadays, banks have emerged as a predominant institution for finance handling. Banks have gained people’s trust by providing a safer environment for depositing and transacting money. There are almost 17 commercial banks, 105 saving banks, and a few state-owned banks in Norway. Despite the current chaos of higher capital demands, the Norwegian banks have surpassed other state’s inefficiency and market trade. 

Norskeanmeldelser.no is a Norwegian website comprising 1000s of customer reviews and complaints regarding the latest banking trends and trustable embankment. Visit the website to gain intuition into the best service-providing banks in Norway. Lunar is a modern bank in Norway that offers comprehensive control over your finances and provides a trustable banking experience. Here is a guide to setting up a bank account in Norway.

  • Choose the bank type you want to open

There are several bank account types like saving account, current account, fixed deposit account, each encompassing some attributes so, research for the types of bank account and find out the best suitable one for you. 

  • Visit a branch or several websites to choose the best

Once you have decided the account type you are opting for, visit the bank branch or different banking websites to find out more about the terms and conditions and the policies the bank withholds. It will help you gain more apprehension of the best service-providing banks in your area. Look through the customer reviews and opt for the most customer-recommended bank for your finances.

  • Always Provide relevant information to the bank

Once you select the bank account of your choice, the bank will approach you to provide relevant information about yourself to check for authenticity. As in Norway, most banks have shifted to hybrid banking. You will have to fill a form online providing your credentials.

  • Deposit an initial amount in your account for trust purpose

Some banks will allow you to set up an account without any initial deposit, while others ask for a specific initial deposit. Choose a bank that will charge you fewer fees and duty charges if your account sinks below a fixed cash limit.

 Some tips for setting up a reliable bank account in Norway

  1. Pick more than one account type to use in case of emergency or blocking one bank account due to security reasons.
  2. Avoid bank accounts that require more cash to allow customers for fee waivers.
  3. Consider registering in a cost-free online bank.
  4. Try to gain control of your bank account.
  5. Access your bank statements regularly online to keep track of transitional activities.


Once you are done with all the above steps, you are free to use your bank account for any purpose like fee deposition, money withdrawal, and many other utilitarian services. Norway has a broad network of banks now operating online and is subscribing to banks with foreign branches. 

This development in banking services has led people to come forward and register with the leading banks for their services and helped the banks flourish the economy. 

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