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It’s a Smart Way to Choose Cosmetics That Are Safe for The Skin

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The proliferation of cosmetic products in Indonesia triggers the circulation of illegal and fake cosmetics that can harm health. So, how do choose cosmetic products that are safe for your health? Find out through the following review.

Steps to choose a safe cosmetic product

The rise of fake cosmetic cases in the community requires you to be more observant when choosing and buying cosmetics.

1. Click Check

The first way before buying a cosmetic product is a CLICK check. CLICK check means check packaging, label, license, and expiration date on cosmetics.

First of all, check the packaging and label of the cosmetic products you buy. Check each side if there are defects and differences with the original cosmetic packaging.

Next, find the Edar Permit Number (NIE) on the product packaging. Cosmetics that are legal and safe certainly pocket official permission from BPOM and have the license number. That is, the ingredients contained are guaranteed to be safe because they have been tested first by BPOM.

In addition, make sure that the license number is registered on the official BPOM website. Because it is possible that some beauty products just stick to the number of careless licenses. If the cosmetic product you buy does not have a license number or is not registered, then the cosmetics are illegal and not guaranteed content.

Don’t forget to look at the expiration date on the product label. This is often overlooked because most people believe that every cosmetic in circulation is a new product. Just like food, expired cosmetics can cause health-threatening side effects.

2. Cheap prices do not guarantee quality

Most consumers complain about the increasingly expensive price of cosmetics and making bags break. Therefore, many people start glancing at the same cosmetic products but sold at a cheaper price, sometimes even tend to make no sense. Roxie Cosmetics is the best cosmetics option you can try.

Cheap cosmetic prices do not drain the pocket, but they can secretly increase the risk of health problems. Because there have been many cases that prove that some cosmetic products at low prices turned out to be fake and illegal. If so, the content certainly can not be ascertained whether it is safe or not.

Therefore, do not be easily fooled by cheap prices and check again the authenticity of the product. Doesn’t it matter if the price is a little expensive, but guarantees your health?

3. Buy at a trusted cosmetics store

To get a safe cosmetic product, make sure you buy it at a trusted store. In addition to conventional stores, there are now many online stores that also sell your favorite cosmetics. However, make sure that the store is truly reliable and sells genuine cosmetic products. Visit the only bio UK looking at the list of cosmetic prices that are safe for your facial skin.

If you buy cosmetics directly in the store, pay attention to the packaging, texture, aroma, and color of the packaging in detail. Next, compare it to the original cosmetics you have.

If you find an inconclusive packaging shape, unusual product texture, pungent aroma, or packaging color that tends to be concentrated or more faded, then you should be aware of it. It could be that the product is fake.

4. Pay attention to reactions after wearing cosmetics

For those of you who have often bought cosmetics, of course, you are reliable in trying cosmetic testers. The trick is to apply a little product to the back of the hand to see the texture and color, whether it matches what you are looking for or not.

Make no mistake, this method is not just to match cosmetic products to your wishes, you know. You can also use it as one way to choose a safe cosmetic product. After applying cosmetics on the back of the hand, try to see the texture, color, and aroma.

Simply put, safe cosmetics do not cause irritation or allergic reactions. Conversely, fake cosmetics can cause symptoms in the form of red rashes, itchy and swollen skin, to headaches, similar to the symptoms of cosmetic allergies. However, this is usually more clearly seen after several uses.

Beware of illegal and fake cosmetics, these are the main characteristics

Everyone wants to use beauty products made from safe and non-toxic ingredients. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to recognize which brands are genuine and illegal with fake products. Although it offers an “organic” or “natural” label, in fact not all products are completely natural and free from harmful ingredients.

An easy way to recognize illegal cosmetics is the absence of a license number (NIE) from BPOM. That is, the cosmetic has not been tested by BPOM so it is not known whether the content is safe for the skin or not.

Other illegal cosmetic features can be seen from the ingredients contained in cosmetics. Several harmful chemicals contained in fake cosmetics include mercury, lead, arsenic, synthetic dyes, and silicone. If you find any of these five ingredients, they are most likely illegal and fake.

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