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How To Make Your Website Design User-friendly And Eye-Catching

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These days, just about anyone can easily launch a website. But it doesn’t mean it will work for your company. Your website serves as an all-time open marketplace. Customers have short attention spans, so it’s critical to create a positive first impression with appealing, clear, and efficient design.

Let’s dig into how you can make your website design intuitive and appealing to your audience.

Tips To Design A Website Perfectly

1. Limit The Text

Avoid stuffing your pages with a lot of text.  You want to give all the information possible about you, your business, your brand, and your items to website visitors. However, you must discover how to convey that tale in a few lines, or even better, in a few words. Many websites don’t engage visitors because they expect them to read long paragraphs of text before learning what the business has to offer.

In contrast, websites with little text and lots of visual design components such as pictures, videos, etc, present information in a style that is easy for visitors to understand.

2. Make Use of Negative Space

Your website may breathe and be displayed in an appealing way by leaving negative space between your design components and content. Make sure there is sufficient space between the text, photos, and headers.

3. Use Contrast In Colour

Contrasting hues will help bring attention to particular design aspects. Use them to draw attention to your logo and any key phrases or words you want your audience to see right away.

4. Maintain Consistency

With regards to your Call To Action, stay away from using unusual forms or colours that can distract your users. You don’t see a hundred various coloured “Add To Cart” buttons on the Amazon website, do you? Yours shouldn’t either. Try many combinations until you find one that appeals to the visitor’s eye and then stays with it.

5. Easy navigation

Your website can provide your visitors with a solution to challenging issues or access to a wealth of useful information. But a treasure hunt shouldn’t be included. Users should be able to easily navigate through your material with the use of clear, apparent buttons.

A person will take longer to decide if you give them more alternatives. Because of this, intricate designs and navigation will severely reduce your conversion rates.

6. Add social media buttons

Your marketing plan probably includes social media, and adding social sharing icons to your website is a simple method to gain followers. For each network you use, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, you may add them.

Social media buttons are simple to include in your design. You may put them nearly anywhere you believe they sound right, including your navigation, header, and footer.

You make it simple for people to check out your social media profiles and interact with you on numerous platforms by incorporating these buttons.


The most crucial thing is that you can’t just create a website and leave it and hope for better commercial outcomes. For the benefit of both your clients and your business, your website needs constant optimization and enhancement. This is especially true if your website is undergoing a complete revamp. Your competitive edge will increase if you put in the effort and continually upgrade your website.

If you follow the web design best practices, then it makes no difference whether your website is a recent creation or has been up for more than ten years.

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