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How Does Addiction Start?

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The Start of Addiction

This is how most people assume addiction starts: when you’re upset and you feel lost, it is very enticing to try out a new remedy that you have heard works for other people. Everything seems to be going wrong but taking the drug seems like a way out.


This is not how addiction begins. As a first-time user does not know what to expect of a drug, they will not take it to feel good as a coping mechanism for the pressures of life.

In most cases, first-time use happens without any preplanning. One of the biggest triggers for spontaneous drug abuse is a party. For instance, you may go to a party expecting to find alcohol but see somebody with a bag of white powder.

Even if you have never seen cocaine before, you see everyone else trying it. All your friends are doing it and you figure you also have to do the same.

One person takes the white substance and starts laying out lines on the counter. Another picks up a rolled dollar bill and starts snorting the stuff. Your friend does the same and hands the bill over to you.

You are anxious and questioning everything that is happening at the moment. You do not even know what to expect when you do it. You decide that you will indeed snort a line.

How does it feel? You begin to feel strange but empowered. Suddenly, your body feels all the energy coursing through it. You are no longer anxious or jittery. You begin to enjoy your party and dance to music feeling something you have never experienced. You look around and everyone is laughing and talking and you are having the time of your life.

Then the effects wear off and you start feeling sluggish. It’s almost like the party has stopped even when it has not. The music is still on, the surroundings still look like a party is happening, but you do not feel that way. You feel tired and sit down. You are unsure of the feeling you are getting. Your friend sits next to you and asks you if anything is the matter. You are unsure of what you say and feel funny inside. Your friend insists that everything is fine and that you just need another line of cocaine.

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Say, for instance, you get anxious at the mention of cocaine. You figure that it is not what you need and you do not want to do it. A friend comes and convinces you to try some. They take you up to a counter covered in white lines and bring the dolled dollar bill. You finally give in and snort another line. You start to feel the music again.

There is a chance that you will not get addicted by doing the actions in the narration once, but there is also a chance that you will. Pressure is a huge incentive when it comes to addiction. You feel the pressure to fit in and look cool to experience something you see everyone else doing.

You may think to yourself that you are only doing it that one time or that you never do it when alone.

It does not matter what drug you use, addiction is always a possibility. It becomes even more possible when you find yourself with the same people that were with you when you first did it. Although there are people capable of controlling themselves when under the influence, it is best to remember that your body gets used to the feeling. Drugs alter your mind chemically.

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