The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic creates conditions of financial uncertainty that you may experience.

Starting from losing your job, cutting your salary, even the business you live in is also affected. As a result, inevitably your finances also decline because there is no income.

Therefore, it is important for you from now on to save money when the pandemic crisis still occurs for some time to come.

Here are 4 ways you can save money during a pandemic.

1. Calculate expenses

Instead of feeling anxious, you better do a calculation based on the number of your current expenses to how long your emergency fund or savings will last.

Then, take the time to write down all the details of your expenses each week.

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After that, calculate or total all your expenses and compare your total expenses with how much money you have saved.

2. Find ways to cut expenses

Once you have a detailed list of expenses, pay attention to which expenses you need to get rid of.

For example, you need to cut costs that you don’t need, such as the cost of traveling to the office because you are still working from home, the cost of eating out, weekend entertainment, and travel.

In addition, when you review expenses, it is important to choose which needs must be met such as food, water, health needs, and many others.

You can identify which expenses need to be cut and which don’t.

3. Negotiate your bill

Due to the crisis, many companies such as credit or other loan businesses are helping people whose incomes are reduced or who have lost their jobs.

For example, when you have credit debt, some of them will plan to help customers to provide several services such as taking advantage of low-interest rates or free of late fees.

It is therefore important that you contact them and negotiate your bill. Do not forget to tell in detail about how much you are spending now and how much money you have to save.

4. Find ways to increase your income

While the pandemic has restricted some ways to increase your income, you need to find ways to make 1000 a week.

If you have the time, energy, and health, you can look for side jobs that are still allowed in your cities, such as joining a delivery service courier, teaching online courses, blogging, and many others.