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10 Right Ways to Do Business Promotion

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A business certainly needs promotion as a marketing medium because without business promotion it is difficult for businesses to be recognized by consumers. Not only that, business promotion is now also very useful as a means of engagement with consumers so that the impact is longer. In fact, for this reason, business promotion has become a must-do thing even when the business has grown.

But one thing to note is that promotion and marketing requires a lot of money. Of course, as a business owner you don’t want it to be costly enough to reap ineffective results. Therefore, you must be smart in choosing what promotion methods are suitable for your brand so that the results are optimal. Here are 10 surefire ways that can be used as a reference when doing promotions.

1. Discount

Discounts are always the mainstay of business owners to attract buyers. Most consumers will usually decide to buy when they see the discount label printed on your product. There are many types of discounts that can be applied. This can be in the form of discounted prices, getting free products to purchase a certain amount, special discounts for certain professions, discounts via voucher codes, postage discounts and so on.

However, the application of discounts should not be careless. Adjust to the type of product, the benefits to be achieved and your capital capabilities. Don’t let this discount cause losses to your business.

2. Using Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective media for promotion because almost everyone uses social media accounts in everyday life. Your posts about products and promotions on social media can be accessed by thousands of people, both local and international. This wide reach can be done at a cost that is not too high because the use of social media is indeed free of charge.

In addition, promotion on social media is not only about selling, it can also help with branding and build two-way communication with customers on social media. This strategy makes consumer loyalty more durable.

3. Leveraging Momentum

Take advantage of moments such as the celebration of Eid, Christmas, Youth Pledge Day, birthdays and so on. Give the best offer or the best price when days like this come. Or it could be by conceptualizing your product according to the moment that is being celebrated. On big days like this, people usually flock to look for items that will describe the moment they are celebrating.

They can shop in large quantities, so it’s not too much of a disadvantage if you charge a lower price. This will actually attract more consumers to buy at your place than to other places with the same product.

4. Become a Sponsor

Currently there are many events held by various parties, be it schools, campuses, companies, agencies, certain event organizers and so on. Usually, the organizer needs a sponsor to support the event . You can use this event as a promotional forum by participating as a sponsor.

By becoming a sponsor, you can make your brand better known by giving away products as a door prize or installing a booth at the event . Another advantage is that the MC will usually read the names of the sponsors many times.

5. Opening opportunities to become a reseller and dropshipper

The resellers and dropshipper can be a powerful parties in promoting the brand you. Both will be extensions that make you sell your product faster. With resellers and dropshippers, you can promote and sell products even to areas that have never been reached before. However, for resellers and dropshippers, there will be special prices which are certainly lower.

6. Make a Giveaway

Almost everyone loves gifts. Therefore, you can use gifts as a means to attract consumers. To be more effective for promotion, you should not give gifts for free. You can give it through the give away program .

This could be by answering questions, entering contests, promoting your brand , sharing your posts on social media and more. This method not only attracts consumers but can also increase your brand engagement .

7. Making Ads in Unusual Places

People will pay more attention if you do something different than what was there before. Likewise with position. People will pay more attention to your ad if it’s placed in an unusual place. However, this unusual place should be endeavored not to be hidden and accessible to many people.

If ads are usually placed on television, newspapers, magazines and other media then try different things. You can make your ad visible on bus handles, on pavement pavements, at room entrances, on stairs and so on.

8. Join the Community

Join your customers by tapping into their communities. Communities usually contain people with the same understanding, hobbies, interests and concerns. When you enter a community that matches your brand, you can get many potential customers at once. In addition, participating in activities in the community allows you to understand what potential customers like and need so that you can tailor your product to those preferences.

9. Giving Knowledge

Currently, there are so many social media accounts for a brand that share more knowledge and become a forum for sharing about various problems rather than doing promos. You may find this a waste of time, but it turns out to be an effective method. By sharing with them you will feel closer to your brand and it lasts long term . This closeness makes whatever language your promo will be easier to accept.

10. Word of Mouth Strategy

The most effective promotion today that can be done is word of mouth marketing. By providing information to consumers, these consumers will provide information to other people. That way, information about your business will spread across the market.

Those were 10 ways that can be used as a reference when doing business promotions. Choose the right way to really help the business grow in the long term. In the process, don’t forget to always record expenses and manage finances. This is so you can control expenses and analyze the success of your strategy according to the costs incurred.

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